Car Alarm

Personal and car Tracker 704

A unique feature of this tracker is very powerful 6000 mAh battery and it is waterproof.

Tracker 704

Product Functions


completely waterproof
powerful Magnet cover
6000 mAh battery
Internal shake sensor
internal Gps and Gsm antenna
Ac Adaptor
light charger adaptor
Rout report by animation on Google map
Stop and resume engine by cellphone
Report the amount of mileage in miles per hour over a period of time.
Route report over a period of time.
Report the amount of fuel consumed and the amount of fuel remaining in the vehicle
Door and Acc alarm.
Microphone to monitor voice.
Auto reporting to predefined number if accident happened.
Using LBS for gps blind places.
Memory for saving more than 1600 points
Geo-fence:Gps will send alarm once exceed the designed geo-fence
Over speed Alarm
Move Alarm
Low battery Alarm
Tracking by sms
Google map link for fast tracking
Exact street address by SMS
Resetting by SMS
Shake sensor compatible